NF-NY Pumpkin Chai 4 Wick Candle

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Create a cozy autumn ambiance with this exquisitely fragranced 4-wick pumpkin candle featuring a blend of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Free from Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates

Up to 120 hours burn time

Reusable Glass Holder

Clean Burn with 100% Lead-Free and Cotton Wicks

Made in USA


Orange-tinted wax housed in a glass vessel of the same color with elegant gold and frosted stripes.

Weight:43.7 oz | 1239 g

Key Ingredients:

This exquisitely fragranced candle is meticulously crafted with a proprietary premium wax formulated so the candle burns cleanly and evenly and infuses a room with exceptional scent.

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