MBL Black Pepper Single Wick Candle

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Invigorate your haven with a spicy, dynamic single-wick scented candle, infused with Madagascan black pepper, coriander and green vetiver.

Top notes of black pepper, lemon and ginger.
A heart of coriander oil and basil.
A base of vetiver, oakmoss and ambergris.

London via Madagascar
The off-road trek from mountainous Masaola to a savannah grass canyon. A spice-spiked breeze kicks heated earth. Loose rubble tumbles into deep gorges, shot through with streams. Conquer the adventure with our iconic fragrance.

Adventurous. Confident. Iconic.


  • - Fragrance Family: WOODY
  • - 6.4oz
  • - Cotton thread wick
  • - Vegan
  • - Gluten, nut-free
  • - Paraben-free
  • - Recyclable colored glass jar
  • - Made in England
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