M-Soc Damn Handsome Beard Kit

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Our best-selling gift for men.

Need a gift for a man with a beard? He will love this.

It comes with premium handmade beard oil and moustache wax. Made with coconut oil for nutrients and moisture, along with citrus for antibacterial freshness.

Premium natural beard Oil. 10ml. Blended by hand in our English workshop. It contains citrus and ginger to cleanse and invigorate. It softens the hairs of even the most un-tamed beard, making it more manageable and reducing irritation to the skin beneath.

Thick clump-free moustache wax. 15ml. Made with beeswax, coconut oil and added Vitamin E. Provides a firm, non-clumpy hold.

Stainless steel hand crafted moustache comb. Stylish enough to whip out in public. The perfect size to fit in his pocket or wallet.

Stainless steel scissors. Catch the stragglers before they ruin his style.

A quick four step beard styling guide. Any man can grow a beard. This guide from our styling experts will teach him how to make the most of it.

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